Krautfunding - The Green Album:

We are working on our fourth studio album. Unconventional music for all senses played on vegetable instruments: 14 pieces and a completely new sound world. The krautfunding campaign is over. Thanks to everybody who funded and spread the word! Here is the video still:

The Idea of the Vegetable Orchestra:

The Vegetable Orchestra on tour:

Recording our third album ONIONOISE:

Footage of the vegetable orchestra during shopping, preparations and some clips of one of our live shows:

November 2006 vienna theater akzent - solidarity concert for SOC (spanish vegetable workers union)

The Vegetable Orchestra - Transplants // They Shoot Music - At Home Session

More videos:
November 2007 huddersfield contemporary music festival / cut and splice (guardian tv)

L' - Le Vegetable Orchestra joue avec la nourriture

CBSNEWS - Vienna's Vegetable Orchestra

ARTE - The Vegetable Orchestra - Part 1
ARTE - The Vegetable Orchestra - Part 2