Automate presents the vegetable orchestra’s second cd and their logical further development. the work on the organic sound bodies and refinement of the playing and recording techniques have made audible a new vegetable sound universe. Along with cover versions of Kraftwerk, the cd is a compilation of tracks influenced by the most diverse contemporary electronic music styles.

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For several months prior to the studio recording, the 10-member ensemble composed and arranged the pieces, and most importantly, discovered instruments. Inventions such as a radish-marimba and a water radish were added to such long-standing sound generators as the cuke-o-phon and the carrot recorder. The compositions range from rhythmic house tracks to noise music to dub and glitch pieces.

An amazing affinity of the organic and digital world becomes clear on the one hand whereas on the other, an unmistakably unique veggie sound is created, which could not have been created with any other group of instruments.

01 ASP 04:57
02 Stoik 04:22
03 Radian* 05:10
04 Prelay 06:16
05 Frkklz 03:09
06 Greenhouse 03:26
07 Noiz 02:33
08 Urgem_X 02:10
09 Rauschnberg 03:52
10 Radioaktivität** 05:01
11 Automate 04:39

All compositions and arrangments by The Vegetable Orchestra except:
* track 03 Sinus440 © Radian
** track 10 © Kling Klang Musik GmbH

CD artwork: Nikolaus Gansterer

Recording+Mix: Christoph Amann